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Located in Lao Cai provincein the far north wesr of the country near the Chinese border, this old French hill station is home to many ethnic minority people, including the Hmong, Tay ,Dao and Thai, whose Sapa Townmarkets and festivals add colour and character to the town. The Saturday love market in particular is a great tourist drawcard. The area has average annual temperarures of 18-28 degrees in the mountains, but the temperature can fall below zero in winter.

City Highlights

Love Market

An ancient tradition, where young ethnic minority people go to find a parther.

Surrounding Villages

Home to ethnic minorities who live the sam way they have done for centuries. Catch a xe om from town , or for the full mountain challenge trek there on foot.

Getting There

Train Train tickets from Hanoi to Lao Cai cost around $16, booking at our office . The recently launched Victoria Sapa express train offers a more convenient option , but cost almost four times as much .Grab a minibus up to Sapa from outside the station (VND 25,000), or jump on the back of a xe om for about $5.

By bus : Tourist bus : 12USD/1way and 24USD/2ways at our office: 56 HangBe -Hanoi

Around Sapa

Bac Ha

Another important ethnic minority centre and increasingly popular as an alternative to Sapa-103km away .At 900m above sea level, it may be a bit warmer in the winter. Get there by minibus from Sapa.

Mount Fansipan

Exactly 3,143m high, it is the highest peak in Indochina. Five day trecks are available to climb it.  


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