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Please do note that Kimtours is one of the most oldest and famous cafe travel located in Hanoi old town who organizing joining group tours for foreigner travellers ,now we are also specialize in developing tailor-made programmes to suit your exact requirements and that these programmes are just a small selection of what we can offer.


(84) 3 99 357 66 -3926 0804

Fax: (84) 3926 4651

Email : kimtours137@hotmail.com



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Pricing Reservations Confirmation Cancellation Meals Insurance Deposits & Payments

Pricing :

Prices are according to category of accommodation , vehicles and others services mentioned on each tour programme.


The reservation should be sent by fax, mail, or e-mail to :

Kim tours - Vietnam Travel
Add : 137 HangBac Str - Hoankiem -Hanoi - Vietnam
Tel:( 084 .)3 99 357 66 - 3926 0804 - Hotline : 084. 913340524 (Mr Peace )
Fax : ( 84.4) 9260726
Email : kimtours137@hotmail.com
Email: kimtours137@gmail.com
Http://www.kimtours.net - http://www.kimtours.com.vn

The reservation is effective only when you already reconfirmed it and transfer a certain deposit to : Kim tours - Vietnam Travel

Confirmation [ Top]

You should reconfirm your reservation and send deposit to Kim tours at least 10 working days before your arrival in Vietnam. Your reservation is effective only when you have done this confirmation already.

Cancellation [ Top]

If a client decides not to participate in the tour the deposit will be forfeited to cover communication expenses and cancellation charges.

Deposits [ Top]

Kim tours must receive a deposit from the client as 30 % of total tour cost at least 7 working days before the client's arrival. Deposit should be sent by bank draft or transfer to bank account of Kimtours.

Payment [ Top]
After customers arrive in Vietnam the balance will be regulated or transferred to our bank account of Kim tours - Vietnam Travel

  • Beneficiary name:Kim tours
  • Beneficiary address: 137 Hang Bac st, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Beneficiary Account number:6554009
  • Bank Address: 184-186 Ba Trieu st - Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Swift code : ASCB - VNVX
  • Note: bank fees is on your side

Credit transfer of which expenses are with the load of Client/Agency will be carried out through the above account

Liquid: only after the agreement of the two parts

Travellers'cheque: only after the agreement of the two parts; 2.5% of expenses are with the load of Client/ Agency

Credit card: [ form of authorization ] in the event of payment by credit card, 3% of expenses are the responsibility of the customers who will have to print the card of credit and fill in, then fax it to us by the following number: (84.4) 3926 4651. The original copy of this filled card and photocopies of your credit card will have to be sent to Kim tours , that is regarded as the final and legal proof of your payment with Kim tours .
As of the payment of and installment or balances on behalf of Client/ Agency, Kim tours will draw up the acknowledgement of delivery which will give to Client/ Agency before or with the arrival of the travelers in Vietnam.

Insurance [ Top]

upon request. Insurance fees is 1.5USD/day/ person, cover with accident insurance up to 1000 USD (one thousands US dollars) at Vietnam Insurance Company (BaoViet ).

Meals [ Top]

Breakfast is not always included. We let you have more choices of lunch or dinner and your total tour cost can be reduced. Generally in remote areas you should let Kim Tours take care of your meals because it probably quite difficult for you to arrange it on your own.

Budget hotels: Generally these are small guest houses or minihotels: basic room with or without A/C, private bathroom.

Standard hotels: The predominant level of accommodation. A/C, satellite T.V, adequate restaurant for breakfast if not lunch and dinner, IDD line at reception, worthy of 2stars to 3 stars international hotel .

Deluxe hotels: Worthy of 3stars to 5 stars international hotel. A/C, 24 hour room service, often large rooms and good views, choice of oriental and western cuisine, IDD lines in each room, business centre, etc.

NOTE: In some areas, especially in remote areas, there is no choice of standard or Deluxe hotels, but sometimes there is only Budget, and there is only guest house with basic condition.




- Copyright ©2005 - 2007 by Kim tours - Vietnam Travel
- Add: 137 Hang Bac Str & 56 Ma May Streetr -
Ha Noi - Vietnam

- Tel: (84) 3 99 357 66 -3926 0804 - Fax: (84) 3926 4651 , Hotline: 084 . 913340524 ( Mr Peace )

- Website: http://www.kimtours.net - http://www.kimtours.vn - Français site:http://www.kimtours.com.vn

- Email: kimtours137@hotmail.com

- Email: kimtours@hotmail.com - info@kimtours.com.vn